• my gifs supernatural season 9 DEANCAS sighs not now where was i going with this 9x10 SPN10 Countdown Challenge how castiel says exactly what dean needed to hear in this moment he's so stressed because of kevin because of gadreel possessing sam how gadreel could kill sam if he wanted how crowley who dean has hated up to this point is the only one who can help and he's sticking needles in sam's head so dean asks how cas is and he's been worried about cas too and even though cas isn't okay he says that he is because he won't burden dean with his troubles he won't go into details about his stolen grace and later how it's burning him out castiel i'm fine winchester just like sam i'm fine winchester and dean i'm fine winchester supernaturalapocalypse •

SPN10 Countdown Challenge - [10/23] - 9x10 - Road Trip

No you’re not, Castiel. You just can’t burden Dean with your problems right now. So you tell him you’re okay, even when you’re not.

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my gifs supernatural dean winchester destiel DEANCAS and everything hurts season 9 gifs i'm just in one hell of a destiel mood from my extensive research... nah i'm just kidding but the evidence is clear that the only time dean ever really smiles this season is around cas or talking to cas or because of cas and the one episode he smiles most in is 9x06 which is the episode where he got to spend the day with cas sometimes these idiots are so canon it hurts that it isn't canon dean has gone through so much shit this season as has cas but even after kevin's death he can smile when he sees cas even after carrying the burden of the mark of cain he can still smile because of cas everything is destiel it's rather sad to see this as a progression because at the start of the season he's so...cheerful...as cheerful as dean can be given the situation and all the crap of earlier seasons but as the season progresses it takes all he has even to smile BUT WHAT I'M SAYING IS CAS STILL MANAGES TO MAKE DEAN SMILE JUST BY BEING CAS and if that isn't beautiful i don't know what is
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my gifs supernatural dean winchester castiel Crowley deleted scene everyone knows i've no idea what dean is saying but it's not really important what is important is that dean enters the room at that moment how crowley was just saying who wants to be an emotional pile of meat and how castiel did not reply to him and then dean enters and then crowley's look at cas when dean leaves it reminds me of how crowley looks at dean later in this episode when dean calms castiel down before he tries to attack gadreel crowley knows /you/ know what i'm talking about
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supernatural sam winchester castiel gifs* q spnedit spngifs* spn: S4 ep: it's the great pumpkin sam winchester shindigs* sastielgifs* like goddamn this scene will always get to me castiel's heard how sam is evil and tainted with demon blood he's an abomination and he's already got this harsh opinion of sam he doesn't think very highly of sam and when sam holds out a hand toward cas in a moment of thanks and gratitude castiel looks like he's contemplating taking it and show back the same courtesy and instead of being harsh or being rude and refusing sam's extended thanks because essentially he'll be touching what heaven considers to be evil and tainted instead he takes sam's hand and is so fucking gentle in his reply toward sam he covers sam's hand with both of his own in a manner so docile and gentle he could have chosen to be nasty and vitriolic to sam but he chooses not to but he chooses to be gentle and craddles sam's hand like it's something precious like goddamn this scene is just really important to me
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my gifs spoilers supernatural sam winchester castiel sassy 7x21 sam is srsly the sweetest person alive he's like jesus or some shit
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