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Chili’s asks the important questions. 

Update: they deleted the tweet

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Unpopular(?) Opinion on Brony Fandom...
I was really afraid to say this, and it’ll most likely lose me a lot of followers, but… …I’m getting kind of sick of Tumblr’s “brony hatedom.” Don’t get me wrong, now. I’m not saying this fandom doesn’t have a lot of problems. Because it ...
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Everyone needs to FUCKING STOP HARASSING "PinkiePony"
We all get it- you shit bronies are mad because your shitty horse rape blog was shut down by Hasbro.  But sending harassing messages threatening rape/murder her and posting her personal information (including possible addresses she may live at) is fucking sick and disgusting. They charged her neighb...
Apparently there are bronies out there that are angry that girls/women like My Little Pony. Because they think they are faking their interest in it/don’t love it as much as them. They’re applying the “fake gamer/geek girl” stereotype onto the audience the show was intended for. And if you don’t...
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FACT: the best cartoons ever written for kids are right now.
You know what’s really great? Whatever you, my fellow teens-to-adults, may think of current cartoon shows and/or their internet fandoms, only one thing is really important here: actual, impressionable children are watching them and none of the protagonists are insufferable fucking shitheads. Y...