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we exist, we are still valid

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Hey! Before you get all pissy about seeing a “straight couple” kissing at an LGBT+ event, keep in mind that: one or both of them could be bi and thus part of the LGBTQ+ community one or both of them could be pan and thus part of the LGBTQ+ community one or both of them could be transgend...
okay so in celebration of  me creating a new gender blog me coming in 2nd place in the local speaking contest for speaking against the gender binary I have decided to hold a giveaway of sorts!! I have $50 in prize money from the event (plus possibly a little more cash once I get my graduation money)...
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Why the term is "transgender" and not "transgendered"
Here is some yellow paper. We say it is yellow because that’s what color it is. Simple enough, let’s move on. Here is some white paper. We say it is white because that’s what color it is. Now, imagine some stuff happens to the white paper - something spills on it, it’s le...
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"I don’t care about your gender! I like you for you!" Okay, but like, I care about my gender, so if you could support me in ways that don’t involve belittling my relationship with gender, that’d be great
Would you let your kid be taught by a trans* person?
A couple of years from now, I will be a teacher.  My dad has told me I shouldn’t be out, because I’ll get thrown out of my teaching position by kids’ parents. So, kindly reblog to let me know if you would let your kid be taught by a trans* person.  I’m hoping to build some co...
Hey guys this is a petition to get non-binary genders legally recognized and that would be really rad so here It needs a lot more signatures so you should sign it
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Coming Out: resources for nonbinary folks
A mixture of personal narratives, informative how-to guides, coming out tips and suggestions, useful websites, and materials to share with your family and friends when you’re discussing nonbinary identities, gender, pronouns, nonbinary transition, and coming out. If you have an article, websit...
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