• my stuff Superman husband henry cavill he has the most expressive face i just want to kiss him lots brucetimms •

Henry Cavill on Superman

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my edits henry lau super junior henedit henmom he's such a mama's boy it's the cutest thing ever when he smashed the violin in front of his mom tho cries i hope his family can visit him to korea ;;;; he gets lonely there even though he has lots of friends ;;;;;;;;;
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my stuff but yeah Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien which stiles stilinski derek hale tyler hoechlin Tyler Posey Scott McCall Sterek *tw *au I just want this to happen one day okay like everyone always assumes Derek is dumb or has no idea how to use a computer or that he doesn't even own a phone wtf even he already has a cell in s1 where did that even come from I just want the writers to show us that Derek is actually pretty smart not just some dumb brute like some people portray him and i want the other characters to be at least mildly surprised because they  hadn't pegged him for the college type either and he goes and proves them all wrong ugh i have derek feels
dog mine quality quality blog i love him very much
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*** idek Dylan O'Brien the first time i need to stop teen wolf cast dave hodgman but his face my tumblr has become dylan and colin my sister asked my why i don't write what he is saying and im like because i don't want to i just want to stare at his face
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