• my things gordon ramsay masterchef junior ok i think i'm done with the masterchef junior gifs this week but EVERYTHING WAS SO CUTE I HAD TO OKAY? strawberry-sugar •
my things gordon ramsay masterchef junior ok i think imy things gordon ramsay masterchef junior ok i think i
my things gordon ramsay masterchef junior ok i think imy things gordon ramsay masterchef junior ok i think i
my things gordon ramsay masterchef junior ok i think imy things gordon ramsay masterchef junior ok i think i

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y’all need to know what happened in the spanish masterchef last night
okay so we’ve got sweet little laura herelaura is 8 years old. even though she’d been constantly ignored and undervalued by some of the other contestants because of her age, she was definitely one of the best. everyone thought she’d definitely get to the final.last night was the semifinal.she wasn’t...
fox i love it this is great gordon ramsay editgif masterchef poor gordon masterchef junior But I love seeing the kids bully him
edits super junior :') <3 sighs i love them so much after all this time 151106 I had so much fun making this. made me look back and see all the things they have achieved but also all the hardships and how they turned this into positives these boys are still the one for me
cute mine vintage flowers nature i love this ok pressed flowers aesthetic heyartkid faebee sprouhty the quality of this is so satisfying please appreciate em i absolutely hate to do this but im cringing already eugh im done i hate tagging things like these
1k mine sherlock johnlock IMG SherlockEdit also mine: gif OK IT'S NOT SHERLOCK BUT WHO CARES I DARE YOU TO EVEN THINK ABOUT FUCKING REPOSTING THIS IT TOOK ME AN ENTIRE DAY TO MASK OUT EVERYTHING FIRST IN AFTER EFFECTS AND THEN TO PHOTOSHOP i was THIS close to watermarking them but i fucking hate watermarks gifs look horrible with watermarks freebatch trash ok it's freebatch too and that's my tag for them ben is actually not wearing a shirt in this scene
My art animation animated gif fan art digital gg WIP mica game grumps Game Grumps Animated my animation junior thesis junior animation seminar
MY EDIT palstelnet svtcreations 17net bea:edit bea:lyrics ok I was //supposed/ to use the shining diamond MV but literally implementing that mv into this was so hard I FEEL LIKE I FAILED BUT I ALSO REALLY LIKE HOW THIS CAME OUT the shining diamond mv did not fit the aesthetics of this edit also YO THE FIRST IMAGE I WAS ABOUT TO LIGHT MY ASS ON FIRE BECAUSE IT WAS LOOKING LIKE SHIT but anyway the inspiration for this was from a rock to a diamond EYYY SHIniNG DIAmoND YEHH!!!! also s/o to hoshi bc i embraced being a mounteen in the first image let me kno if u guys want the first one as a wallpaper bc i got u the FIRST ONE IS SO PRETTY I HOPE U LIKE IT also idk what do to with the third one ITS ALWAYS THE THIRD ONE I LOSE IDEAS I mean I had several but they weren't working right also see how the gradient looks weird when its a gif?? like the first picture is not a gif and so its like DAMN wow so hq gradient but the 2nd and 3rd u can see the lines..... anyway hi yes please love this gfx i worked really hard hi can pledis hire me for working as their graphic design artist i cant promise itll look nice but i can work hard also just realized that only 11 of them is showing in the last one FUCK lmao sorry these tags are long
mine ok this had to be done 500 damn because of reasons also this is too cute idk :D travis fimmel Historyvikings vikingsedit but I can't find it vikingshistory vkragnarlothbrok I'm pretty sure there is one more scene
Adventure Time dragon age lemongrab dragon age: inquisition daedit Solas atimers daiedit dragon age art I don't think I'm the first to do this but that's okay I could just do one where they get to Skyhold and he's like THIS CASTLE IS IN UNACCEPTABLE CONDITION. UNACCEPTABLEEEE but I think I'm done mostly because I need to actually sleep before work
pokemon Slowbro pkmnart mega slowbro my pkmn art pokemon20 PokeFebChallenge
mine star wars rey swedit starwarsedit FYSW The Force Awakens sw:tfa star wars the force awakens my smol precious space daughter can u believe this doctor who quote was originally written with her in mind(: she is so SO kind and hopeful and good despite everything i'm so emotional rn *angel by sarah mclachlan plays in the background* i have so many gifset ideas all i need is the bluray copy to be out now or u know.. something with a better quality than cam it's about to be a long ass wait lmao i'm sorry but her eyes /twinkling/ when she tells finn her name i GTG SO BAD
like ! the future is bright JUST ONE MORE EXAM FRIENDS!! :) I think the language history exam was quite okay but I think Russian did not went as well as it could have been we had to write down numbers our teacher (the Russian word for teacher sounds like 'prepadawatjel'!!) said but the only number I understood was 3 so I wrote down 3 every time and unless she really said 3 like ten times in a row this was not the most brain moment of my life but it is alright I am really looking forward to the free time after the exams c: I want to do all of the things I want to draw all of the things and I want to animate something! and I want to become a doggie walker and pet all of the dogs I hope that you are having a great time as well!!