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my uploads places house martell dorne sunspear spear tower

Spear Tower, Sunspear, Dorne

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my uploads places house martell dorne sunspear spear tower
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1k my gifs 500 got Deepika Padukone house martell gotedit mine: new Elia Martell pre asoiaf asoiafedit martelledit martell fancast i think i cried out the river nile making this because my poor darling elia :( i have so many martell feels oh god don't touch me
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1k my gifs mine game of thrones 500 mine: got my gifs: got house martell gotedit dorne gotsansastark gotcerseilannister gottyrionlannister gotrenlybaratheon mentiondorne there was a lot of talk about dorne while discussing myrcella's betrothal but i didn't include all of them bc it was repetitive i kept the most relevants ones (imo)
  • Doran:NO
  • Nym:So...vengeance?
  • Doran:NO
  • Tyene:ahh, vengeance...
  • Doran:OMG WTF NO
  • Arianne:birthright intrigues desperate justified tears and VENGEANCE, OK?
  • Doran:listen here
  • ...
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