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Mycroft Holmes And Text Posts

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mycroft holmes text posts fandom shenanigans
Someone needs to take my computer away from me
When you want to make a fandom reference but realize that no one there would understand it
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rewatching the empty hearse and when Sherlock says to Mycroft “how would you know” about knowing what feeling lonely felt like I die a little because Sherlock used to not know what feeling lonely was like either but John changed that
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Mycroft is the most powerful man in the U.K  and his pressure point is Sherlock. Don’t touch me.
Why Mycroft Holmes in gym clothes is a sign of impending doom
TSoT gave us a scene that previously had been unthinkable. We get to see Mycroft out of his impeccable three-piece-suit. Mycroft is a man who carries an umbrella at all times, most probably to stay dry and therefore impeccably dressed in all situations  - although I would not exclude the possibility...
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