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1k mine Merlin mine: gifs BBC Merlin colin morgan merlinedit mine: merlin merlin: gifs kjbfkjsda this shot is great??? what a face
1k my gifs Merlin colin morgan Eoin Macken merlin1 merlinedit i'm emotional do you ever just cry because gwaine had so much unrequited love for merlin
1k mine Merlin mine: gifs BBC Merlin colin morgan merlinedit mine: merlin merlin: gifs ah this episode was a gift
MY EDIT Merlin BBC Merlin i'm sorry colin morgan merlinedit or not? merlincreatorsnetwork damn daniel meme i have a love hate relationship with this meme
1k gifs my gifs 2k Bradley James Merlin series 4 colin morgan merthur merlinedit 407 leongifs merthurgifs agravainegifs [4.07] excuse my potty mouth
Bradley James colin morgan Brolin bxcmoments.gif
my stuff Bradley James Arthur Pendragon Merlin colin morgan 3x12 merthur ehehehehehe 4x04 merlinedit this parallel omg :DDD merthuredit HORSEPLAY xDDD poetry xDDD my awkward ducklings :') (this whole gifset was an accident tbh this is what i get for accidentally opening 3x12 on kmplayer the other day and pausing with these two idiots with their faces freakin' closer together than i thought i remembered holy shit xD ALSO i love how arthur's literally tugging at merlin's jacket to the point where he's freakin' exposing merlin's lower back in BOTH of them just...oh my god
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