• mygifs Grey's Anatomy or something like that there's this convo between yang and karev in 7x22 where she tells him that no one will pass him a glass of water in a burning building so now... i wouldn't be shocked if a burning builiding did happen brace yourself greysgreys •
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mygifs Grey's Anatomy or something like that there's this convo between yang and karev in 7x22 where she tells him that no one will pass him a glass of water in a burning building so now... i wouldn't be shocked if a burning builiding did happen brace yourself
mass effect Ashley Williams i can't be bothered tagging everyone else meedit i should go mass giffect i gifed this ashley plus alphabetical order! and awkwardly cropping around subs where i couldn't find something without i'm forever butthurt that you only get the lines about tali being like a sister to ash if a) you're a dudeshep and romance ash in 1 and tali in 2 and/or b) you choose the geth on rannoch i LOVE it: here is a woman who loves her sisters who was xenophobic now elevating an unrelated alien to the level of her sisters but alas with the obvious exception of ashley instead of kaidan i try to stay ship/game choice neutral on these gifsets (there's some personal development that's romance locked tho) and liara! liara whom she's concerned about in me1 after noveria but she tells shepard to talk to her but by me3 they're close enough that ash goes to talk to liara about the fall of thessia herself RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT!! and i really love that wrex respects her willingness to shoot him wrex! who did not take his father's betrayal lightly! i just wish they'd talked more at the party and that ash had been less insular on the normandy so i wouldn't have had to resort to datapad for garrus again
MY EDIT the mortal instruments Lily Collins Xavier Samuel clary fray tmiedit jonathan morgenstern bear  with me i'm gonna run out of material to gif soon and i shall stop shoving this casting down your throats but in the meantime i'm so pumped up wit cohf cover   i just had to i can't imagine it's not going to boil down to showdown between these two? with 'all that could have been' by nin playing in the background and it's too late and it was never soon enough and it has always been doomed and they could have never been anything but this: broken unfitting misunderstood hating each other driven to kill one another though they are the last one and the bloodline dies if one strikes the other and it has to be clary fighting him it has to be clary facing him it has to be her regretting ALL THESE WHAT IFS?? what if i loved him like he's my brother what if he loved me like i'm his sister what if we lived like we are the family what if we belonged like we are the one (they are yin and yang leave me alone) instead he's no one's he's alone she finds relief in hatred and anger so she hates and she fights and she knows she must kill him in the end she rejects all these what ifs she rejects the notion he can feel he's human he has a heart because there is no saving him there is no building them there is no having home there is no forgiving only death then grief in white and then never  being complete and always living with this burden of killing him while not having a chance to love him
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mygifs mine naruto uzumaki Minato Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto namikaze minato uzumaki family perfect family minamigif narutographic narutoall father and son stuff tbh i am crying so hard right now as i type this because minato is such a beautiul manin every sense of the word truly it hurts but it is also something that makes him be such a beautiful character i mean since the beginning it was minato's role to be the one who saved the village sacrificing himself and his family's future ;;; you know it hurts that many ppl ignore this and say hes a bad dad he had to make the ultimate decision;; do people even remember what it takes to be a leader?? you gotta make sacrifices;; big ones for the village;; if minato had taken another choice like sacrificing the village or kushina to die him and naruto would possibly suffer more; there really wasnt a choice that could be one better than this even tho naruto suffered look at him now; not to be harsh or anything but naruto wouldn't be naruto without the nine tails and most of his power comes from it... minato precisely sacrificed himself and kushina for that sole purpose and it turned out as he expected and i mean he didnt really had no choice this is the plot kishi chose and like people do forget that trying to say he should have done this and that but no that's not really it call him whatever but definitely not a bad father because he isn't one being the leader of a village means swearing to be responsible for everyone; protect no matter what don't forget he didn't only saved naruto in life  and in death from falling to the kyuubi and also kushina could help him too so really idk i just know he's beautiful i love minato so very much;;;;
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show: game of thrones post: mine gotedit jon x ygritte gotjonsnow gotygritte She Did iheartgot otp: first we'll live book: asoiaf ship: jon x ygritte it's one of my favourite things I just love how playful they are or how let's say how ygritte messes with jon they can spend their day arguing and bickering but like in the 7th gif it's also two worlds; two ways of seeing the world and living that collide and I think meeting her made him question his life in a lot of ways but no matter if he did; he was most of all loyal and that's maybe what made their relationship doomed from the start? no matter how much he loves her or questions his life or anything he's a crow I think ygritte knew that that's what made his betrayal much worse she still expected it to happen but at the same time she couldn't help herself but fall for him and hope it wouldn't happen 'you're gonna be loyal to your woman' 'you always knew who I was' and that's why it hurts so much idk how they're portrayed in the books but still
1k my gifs mine tattoos 5k 10k cambio harry in love okay sorry i'm done mov promo harry is so invested in louis' tattoos he probably has an opinion on all of them and some of them he just comes up with his own meaning for no matter how many times louis tells him 'i just thought it'd look nice' 'no no louis let me tell you what it means' 'it's obviously something your subconscious really wanted to tell you' 'the tea cup is obvious' 'but this little match' 'it's for the fire burning in your heart yes that must be it' etc etc and louis will just let him of course he will
MY EDIT LOTR Frodo Baggins Samwise Gamgee lotredit frodo x sam sam's face is everything: *james bond theme* i'm his gardener and then he's like: take a look at my face take a look at it long and good this face says: i'm gonna fuck you up if you dare to breathe too close in his presence :-DD also sad stuff in my head (don't mind me i was butchering titanic ost along with celine dion things today lol) and i was thinking how protecting frodo is such an inseparable part of him HOW IT'S IN HIS VERY CORE and when frodo's gone how many times do you think he went to check on him in his room just to see the desk covered with rosie's cookies instead of usual scribbles of frodo how many times did he wake up at night not because of nightmare but because he always knew when frodo's having one and he needs to be there to reassure him they are here they are safe they are alive and it's really over how many times did he ask for him while making tea or stuffing his pipe with oldtoby or eating stew: mister frodo i saved some for you how many times before he learned there will be no answer before he remembered frodo is gone also that scene with witchking is so them :-( sam's struggling for him as darkness takes hold of him so firm and so completely frodo's there looking at horrors like at something divine filling him in the only thing filling the void growing in him and sam pleads for him to come back to come back to him don't go where i can't follow :-( i'm sorry i'm a trash and i need emotional detox *continues marathoning stuff*
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