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  • Bias:*breathes*
  • Me:What is this. An art museum? Because that was a masterpiece.
1k mine 4minute hyuna kim hyuna g:4minute what a look
1k gifs stuff 4minute hyuna kim hyuna femaleidol femaleidolsedit
mine 4minute hyuna femaleidolsedit
gif * q 4minute hyuna *kp 4minuteedit flashing gif-/- epilepsy warning-/- kpop-/- sourpaws johnbaeyega jongintao
1k my gifs 4minute hyuna loser gifs:4minute i love you :'(((( how does she manage to stay so cute throughout the yrs
1k my gifs 4minute hyuna Jihyun Gayoon Jiyoon Sohyun gifs:4minute have i talked about how proud i am of them yet and how much i loved their releases this yr hahahaha ohhh man
gif * q 4minute hyuna *kp sourpaws johnbaeyega jongintao 4medit
1k my gifs nana after school orange caramel im nana im jinah gifs:after school this is a troublemaker now era hyuna look
1k mine snsd 4minute brown eyed girls 2ne1 girl's day hyuna rania secret after school glam twice 9Muses lee hyori Ailee evol long post AoA ns yoon g i am obsessed with this song kiss&cry
hate amazing 4minute hyuna Jihyun Gayoon Jiyoon Sohyun MV reaction hannah may my pumpkin pie 4lads broke me the first dude won the award tho hate mv reaction
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