• mygifs queue exo tao zitao this is too much drama for me you look like a sulky high-school or didd you just pee ur pant? lil-duckling •
mygifs queue exo tao zitao this is too much drama for me you look like a sulky high-school or didd you just pee ur pant? mygifs queue exo tao zitao this is too much drama for me you look like a sulky high-school or didd you just pee ur pant?

I don’t understand your face, Zitao...

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mygifs queue exo tao Lay est laytao Xingtao you're too nice for your own good darling and Zitao is simple just a little shiet I adore you most though btw Yixing the way you put your phone in and pull out ...you look like my old man
mygifs queue exo tao zitao this is why I don't wear glasses in public too much trouble
i love you exo tao exo m zitao gfx1 100tao it was that third photo that made me want to edit this tbh he just looked so vulnerable and alone it made my heart ache i always felt like you loved the sea so much zitao because it seems endless when you look out you can imagine yourself doing anything being anything having no limits - just like the sea the sea is your home zitao i hope you can visit home again soon rtlzt each part of the quote corresponds to each gif;; at least it's supposed to
my gif beauty exo tao exo m zitao tao100gifs rtlzt oh god i can watch him performing for forever tbh he just sort of draws you in with the way he moves and how passionate he is i love how he dances too it's like he doesn't do the choreo exactly but he adds his own flair to the moves and ugh it's perfect; fuck i love you so much zitao i can't wait until i can see you perform on stage again
exo tao exo m vilianedits you killed me you just killed me Huang Zitao
jessica jung cc running man sooyeon ep 4 so much aegyo in this too like do u like one of the guys or maybe u like ji hyo i like ji hyo ur voice is unusally high
1k my edits exo tao Kai exo m exo k sehun Luhan Chen baekhyun suho d.o chanyeol xiumin baeksoo look evil like they're discussing how their bb is better than everyone else and chan's like that's my boy! luhan's the shy bf who doesn't smile that much but holy crap kim jongin your smile is so beautiful do you wish you had your members with you last year too? or did you like the quieter setting but anyways OHMIJA congratulations!! oh yeah where are kris and yixing
happy birthday taemin! i am so proud of youuu! you've made it this far (LOL) look at you now look how much you have improved from the taemin with a jet black bowl cut hair lithe body and and chubby cheeks ;~; you look so good rn i am fucking clapping for your fitness instructor and your coughjonghyunhyungcough anyways I LOVE YOU SO MCUH YOU WILL NEVER KNOW TBH i love your voice your eyes your neck YOUR EVERYTHING stay as sweet as you are right now im aware that this letter of gratitude is kinda useless but whateva!!!!! i promise to support you till the end and shit THE FANS (+me) ARE ALWAYS HERE TO SUPPORT YOU OK WE GOT UR BACK have fun party hard drink lots n lots of hard liquor with ur hyungs and HAVE A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!
giveaway Personal kpop exo tao EXO-K EXO-M Kai Kpop Giveaway sehun Luhan Lay exok exom Kris Chen Kyungsoo baekhyun suho chanyeol xiumin kpopgiveaway miracles in december YAAY FIRST GIVEAWAY pardon the crap gif but..
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my gif Niall Horan idk well ok gifset okay thousand IDC nh should i happy birthday baby ilysm ur perfect you make me so happy way too many tags :( :( :) :) idk why i'm already uploading this tbh maybe i'll queue it i love you niall i love you so so so much ty for making me smile its for my baby HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALLL just decided i'm not gonna queue it bare with me
mygifs exo tao zitao dot dot please close your mouth while eating omg! who r the other 2 boys...can someone tell me please? and Krissy you need to eat too you're lanky and skinny as hell EAT GDI!!!!!