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Corrupt Authority Figures in Ferguson and the STL Area masterpost is finished. It includes information on Bob McCulloch and the Ferguson grand jury, Gov. Jay Nixon, Jeff Roorda, Mayors James Knowles, Francis Slay, and Theodore Hoskins, Police Chiefs Tom Jackson, Sam Dotson, and Jon Belmar, Devin Jam...
Today, May 29, 2015, is the 149th day of the year.According to killedbypolice.net, at least 466 people have been killed by police so far in 2015.The police have killed someone about every 7.5 hours.
I created a list of names of people killed by police after August 9, 2014. If there is anyone I forgot to add to this list, please submit their names with an article here. You can also check the Not Ferguson tag for more information on those listed, as well as those who were killed before Aug. 9, 20...
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