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Headcanon Asks!
? for a bedroom headcanon ? for a tattoo headcanon (One they have or one they want) ? for a childhood headcanon ? for a song that fits them ? for a best friend headcanon ? for a sleeping headcanon  ? for if they are a night or day person ? for a drunken headcanon ? for a pet headcanon ? for their f...
  • ☺:three things that make my muse happy
  • ☻:three things that make my muse sad
  • ✝:any religious beliefs my muse has
  • ☎ :my muse's ringtone
  • ♫:three of my muse's favorite songs
  • ♪:three songs that remind me of my muse
  • ★:a wish my muse has
  • ☑:something my muse has accomplished that they're proud of
  • ...
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Firefly Headcanon
Zoe and Wash, while deeply forever ridiculously in love, are not drift compatible. Zoe and Mal are drift compatible. Kaylee and Wash are drift compatible, and they have the best piloted, sweetest running jaeger ever been seen in the ‘verse - the best piloted, sweetest running jaeger ever to ru...
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Guess my muse's turn-ons
Send me one guess and I’ll rate it: NO WAY | MEH | NOT BAD | MMM | YEAH BABY | FUCK YES RIGHT NOW
Sexual Sunday!
Send me a… ? for a sext message from my muse to yours ? for something my muse shouts during sex ? for a taboo kink of my muse’s ? for a sex position my muse wants when they’re feeling angry ? for a sex position my muse wants when they’re feeling romantic ? for if my muse pre...
  • [MSG]:Did you have fun with you-know-who last night?
  • [MSG]:I guess my company doesn't interest you any more.
  • [MSG]:What do you see in that guy/girl?
  • [MSG]:(S)he's kind of hot... you think?
  • [MSG]:Is he bigger than me?
  • [MSG]:When's the wedding?
  • [MSG]:I heard you and ___ are an item.
  • [MSG]:Is there... someone else?
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the striders have cameras set up all over the house, and bro has and still is compiling a big video montage of any time dave has ran into a door or a wall or the futon and plans to play it at daves wedding.
Headcanon Meme!
?: What would your muse wish upon a star for? ?: How often does your muse bath? ?: What is something that’ll make your muse happy? ?: What is something that’ll make your muse sad? ?: Does your muse have a good education? ?: What are your muse’s religious belief(s)? ?: What is your ...
yumikuri headcanon #1
ymir is inexplicably freaked out by the sweatpants thing (see below) so christa always does the sweatpants thing (see above) and chases ymir around the house.