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my sister is becoming a child psychologist and she asked one of her clients, a 10 year old girl, to draw how she felt before they started therapy on the inside of a bowl, and how she felt now on the outside of the bowl.  On the inside of the bowl she drew a plain tree stump, but on the outside she d...
My mom is the strongest woman i know
before you scroll down, please take a minute to read, i want to show my mom that she is one of the m...
posts this is amazing i probably have the best mom ever
i love my mom Sopes
me Personal omfg u ok uhm mom...
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I love her so much btw he's fine he literally just fell off his skateboard without a helmet on he broke his wrist and got a concussion too
why i hate betta fish, and other thoughts about my mom
so obviously the problem with listening to country music too much is that it is a constant reminder of my wayward youth growing up on a farm in virginia, and all the stupid shit i used to get up to while my poor mother ran after me waving her hands in the air shouting things like, ”why are the...
1k One Direction edits live while were young i just idk these make me emotional zayn in that vest combination makes me emotional im just HARRY THAT JACKET IS MY FAVORITE I JUST I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT AND THEN PINK REAL MEN WEAR PINK JFC A;EOIWFKL;AEWF
fs my mom asked me why i was crying i said i just saw a glimpse into my future