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one does not simply listen to Mayday Parade and not have an emotional fucking breakdown
1k but les mis les miserables Victor Hugo the brick how did this get so many notes jojo rereads i like the bishop part yeah okay i maybe get why i've had such trouble getting people to read and/or love this book like i do
i don’T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE HATE HOMESTUCKS. i don’t even know what homestuck is but they invade posts at least 39483% less than whovians or sherlockians or the supernatural fandom and the cosplay is fucking phenomenal from the screencaps I have seen and i just can u guys not just stop...
why does :) look so passive aggressive, like it’s literally smiley face it used to represent happiness and now it represents bitterness and resentment 
theres a kid outside crying and i heard his parent say “if you dont stop we’re going to take away your minions” and he let out the most demonic screech ive ever heard in my life
i think its adorable that dan just plays the piano randomly and phil can hear it and he starts humming it and then phils like wow dan is really good i wish i was that good and dan is just minding his own business in the other room enjoying playing piano having no clue that phil is talking about him ...
mine game of thrones i guess fixed it asoiaf but uh got* 1k* gotedit jon x sansa gotsansastark gotjonsnow gotalaynestone i dont even ship them i just like this quote haha whoa i just realied i messed up the caption lol oops i did not expect this to get so many notes tbh
petition to have more hispanic characters who aren’t drug lords, poor, or ladies in bikinis.
1k my gifs doctor who eleventh doctor spoilers dw dw spoilers wow 5k Tenth Doctor 50th anniversary wow. dw50 we did it guyS we climbed this whole mountain show; doctor who many tags BUT REALLY GUYS I MEAN WTF the day of the doctor WAR DOCTOR now with working animation look ma i get a 1k tag almost like i'm a real blogger such notes 5 fucking k are you guys tripping 10 fucking k
homestuck My art wow homestuck art Roxy Roxy Lalonde hs i wanna post this to my artblog but itll get more notes here so oh well why do these always turn out huge
a reason to celebrate