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you everything about you why im sorry my angel ive been making like thousand gifs a day i have so many gifsets ideas and i cant stop making gifs but i still cant post anything why i keep remaking everything its stressing me out i remaking the colourings all the  time it has to be perfect if its going to be here it has to be perfect sometimes i just want to delete everything ive ever posted here all my gifs because nothing is good enough its all for you its not good enough it has to be perfect and i miss posting here so bad and my perfectionism has been keeping me away from here and it hurts because i love posting here so much but it also has to be perfect for you none of this makes sense my heart just hurts because this idea seems to be really good in my head i cant stop looking at you studying every little movement is the most wonderful the most beautiful the most perfect thing to me i cant cant stop repeating it yyou are everything ing this life i love you so much i love you so much with all my soul my love i really really do i love you eighty eight days almost eighty seven our day is so close so close so close so close its all i can think of and our day
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