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do . do y ou mean. this toadand, this possumbecause this whole thing got wildly out of hand and if thats not what you meant i dont kno w what to tell you becausePLACE YOUR BETS
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sherlock writing author authors fanfic writers writing tips IGN doctor wo writers block fanfictions **stuff** writing block written at 4 am dont judge 99 ways
* request tutorial photoshop tutorial ps tutorial font tutorial idk this took f o r e v e r man i'm so sorr y it's so confusing
carmilla carmilla karnstein carmillaedit laura hollis hollstein PLEASE REBLOG THIS HOLY SHIT IVE BEEN MAKING THIS FOR FIVE AND A HALF HOURS althought one hour of it was just me rewatching all these scenes and getting really emotional i fucking love this show  i fucking love these subtle as shit changes in their relationship from the roommate from hell to worst crush ever from im going to kill you to they saw you save me and honestly this post isnt even about laura this is about carmilla natasha said her greatest trait was her capacity to love and its so true just look at her she sees the tiniest ray of hope in laura when she hears 'you deserve better' and instantly she's doing things for laura and trying to please her and protect her anything to keep this girl safe anything to protect the only girl willing to give her a chance carmilla doesnt understand how anybody could ever love her laura doesnt understand how anybody could ever not FEED ME TO A GOD DAMN RHINO
cat art color anyway i hate this post so much ketsu arts okay how do i tag this literally how the hell do i tag this it's hard to draw things that are non-fandom in nature i was going to include a tg character in there but then i can't find the right size for this perspective things thingy* not things pfft i tried to do something different this time the bg was referenced of course how the hell else can i draw bgs given my mediocre art skills lmao i used a colour palette for the colours and added in my own colours sooooooooooooo idk the combination looks p pleasing to me idk about you random cat in there bc yknow 'centre of attention' and shit maybe it's not centre of attention enough bc it's still not the first thing i see when i look at this picture crey i am a failure do not look at me i have three million ideas for edits (rly simple ones tho) that i have yet to get to like i've had them in mind for like a month but then i was too lazy to do it laziest person on earth that is me okay i should stop ranting in the tags im sorry people removed my comment and added their own and i want to delete this post off everyones blogs fuck this post and fuck the person who removed the comment i wonder how many notes this will get
My art SU garnet steven universe artist of tumblr momma garnet stylish momma garnet is the best ... and slightly younger steven is so cute I mean look at him! there were references used so if you want them then message me