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* request tutorial photoshop tutorial ps tutorial font tutorial idk this took f o r e v e r man i'm so sorr y it's so confusing
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fashion japan Korea Racism Social Justice robynhoodscloset Heads up I'm 1000% serious about this im writing an essay in my fucking holidays thanks internet
believe summer fitspo thin inspiration fat nike before and after fit abs just do it fitness muscle workout weightloss fitspiration gym you can do it eat clean work hard blogilates clean food
max Simmons Red vs Blue rvb RoosterTeeth grif rvb1 rvbthings rvbedit im just too lazy to tag this it took SO FUCKIN LONG to make like TWO HOURS LONG this used to take me about 5 min NOT TWO FUCKIN HOURS I HAD TO WAIT FOR 10 MINUTES FOR IT TO FUCKIN CROP now i remember why i dont make gifs anymore im gonna need to transfer all of my files to my other computer and then do a full wipe of this computer because its barely running at this p i can barely use it for anything beyond simple browsing i hate it so fuckin much i just want to make gifs again and NOT have it take half a day and that first gif has text that is just above the second one cause photoshop crashed as i was doing them and it is pissing me the fuck off just like no be even stop it
Sirius Black 1000 james potter 1000+ remus lupin peter pettigrew the marauders whyy hpedit danielle can make gifs danielle makes graphics SOBS DYING OMG AMY WHYYY I WAS TOO SAD TO MAKE IT TO NICE SO DISFJJFDJNSFS also note i change a few lines so its not completely copied sybilltrelawneys ohh and amy you should also do one of these IDK something with want to make a memory quote because sobs 96 chapters of feels urgh this is quite unquality maybe i will redo it in the weekend i will actually but i will still post this
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