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a single tear is shed for all the animators who have to draw frontal Phineas
  • Phineas:I know what we're gonna do today
  • Phineas:Hey where's Perry
  • Monogram:Hey Agent P go get Doof
  • Carl:Hi
  • Monogram:Go away Carl
  • Isabella:Hi Phineas I love you
  • Phineas:Oh you mean as a friend right? Man I am so friendzoned
  • Isabella:UGHHH
  • ...
Petition for the writers of phineas and ferb to do an episode where phineas and ferb make a personality switcher machine and phineas and ferb test it on themself so this episode is just ferb talking and phineas being silent and all their friends are so confused until they manage to switched their pe...
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  • me:*hasn't watched a new episode of Phineas and Ferb in like a year*
  • me:*hasn't seen the last episode yet*
  • me:*is sobbing anyway*
phineas and ferb
why do we never talk about how phineas and ferb live onstage is a thing like just look at it wait up lets get a closer look at isabellas face im so done l8r dorks im catchin a ride on the perrymobile
I’ve developed this headcanon where Phineas and Ferb go back to school and the teacher asks who would like to share what they did over the summer. ¬†Phineas is almost falling out of his seat, holding his arm up so high, and finally the teacher says, “Phineas, the entire Tri-State area kno...
Phineas and Ferb teaser clip feat. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost
  • Disney Channel cartoons:You know what's funny? Meta humor, clever subversions of established tropes, and quirky humor.
  • Disney Channel live action shows:You know what's funny? Forced puns.