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a single tear is shed for all the animators who have to draw frontal Phineas
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why do we never talk about how phineas and ferb live onstage is a thing like just look at it wait up lets get a closer look at isabellas face im so done l8r dorks im catchin a ride on the perrymobile
  • Disney Channel cartoons:You know what's funny? Meta humor, clever subversions of established tropes, and quirky humor.
  • Disney Channel live action shows:You know what's funny? Forced puns.
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I just his girlfriend left him for a whale his parents didn’t show up for his birth his best friend was a balloon with a face painted on it he was a lawn gnome his father got a dog and named him Only Son Only Son his family disowned him and he was raised by ocelots
  • Phineas:Where's Perrie?
  • Ferb:With Zayn.