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what if everyone had to cosplay their url

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what if everyone had to cosplay their url
ive walked on so many pins and needles in my life that i’m used to the pain
the clock strikes midnight. you’re home alone. there’s a knock at the door. you open it and there’s two men standing in front of you, a 67 chevy impala is parked in your driveway. ‘we’d like to ask you a few questions.’
  • during the school year:eats every single edible thing i can find
  • during summer:idk i think i ate an almond today
basically, if you imagine your otp during this song, odds are by the end of it y...
one time my dad gave me a glass of milk and i meant to ask him “who’s milk is this” because i wasnt sure if it was for me or if i was supposed to give it to my brother but instead i just stared down at the milk and said “who’s this” then my dad turned to me withou...
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  • Sansa Stark:*had her direwolf killed for nothing*
  • Sansa Stark:*becomes a hostage at King's Landing*
  • Sansa Stark:*is beaten and humiliated*
  • Sansa Stark:*is nearly raped*
  • Sansa Stark:*is surrounded by liars and killers*
  • Sansa Stark:*is referred to as the traitor's daughter 24/7*
  • Sansa Stark:*has to constantly hear about her family's deaths with no way to avenge them*
  • Sansa Stark:*doesn't even know if Arya is still alive*
  • ...
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