• louis :) installed :) an :) iceskating :) rink :) in :) his :) backyard :) I'M FUCKING PUKING R U FKN KIDDING ME LEWIS WHO DO U THINK U R U CUTE LITTLE SHIT louistaustin •

louis :) installed :) an :) iceskating :) rink :) in :) his :) backyard :)

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louis :) installed :) an :) iceskating :) rink :) in :) his :) backyard :)
1k gif angel **** our concert r u kidding me u little shit
i’m glad you existand i’m honoured to exist at the same time as youyou are a collection of starsand i’m so happy to be a part of your galaxy
1k myedits ugh exo sehun tbh exok edits:sehun im literally done with this flower boy i dont know whether i should cry or fling myself at a frikcing glacier????????? sehun was so flirty in his replies i just want to cry why are  u so cute who do u think u r the world's flower boy in ur butt no u're wonderful much more than a flower boy u're a little shit the next time u better reply to me u piece of poop
Harry Styles One Direction hedit I WILL END YOU mother fucker do u think u r cute or something
one of my favourite things was that time liam accidentally bumped into zayn and then zayn just
mine amazingphil philedit philip do u think this is a fkn game
* magi Ja'far magiedit sinbad no bouken u have issues and u need to go xoxo favorite little shit tbh he's so nasty i'm so in love GOD (caps)
dbsk jyj jaejoong edit:jaejoong who do u think u r other ppl are ~amaze~ when their biases take their shirts off the only thing that amazes me now is when jaejoong actually has clothes on
why do people still make the same reused vegan jokes like… we get it… you love animal abuse.. now let me live 
gif G Dragon gd Kwon Jiyong bigbang u r such a little shit i swear