• art is hating everything you draw but still doing it is it just me roythrustang •

art is hating everything you draw but still doing it

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We all have that one mutual follower we try to impress with every post
Is it just me, or...
So am I the only one who finds the homestuck update kind of tragic? I mean, after the changes we’ve seen in John after these three years, just seeing him open his eyes and being so fucking ANGRY… You can’t help but feel this in file sense of pity, remorse even. I...
gif Niall Horan mine 1D is it just me or tumblr wasnt working a few mins ago omg idk im just so bored
i would just like to say just because i don’t post a welcome message when people when people follow my blog doesn’t mean i don’t love and¬†appreciate¬†you. because i love you okay?
  • mom:who are you laughing with?
  • me:my laptop
hetalia usuk it's probably just me
love whatever waffles syrup sounds good to me Real Guy Is it Real? Yum . Guys like this just don't exist blehhh
  • me reading:this character is going to die. isn't he.
  • the author:
  • me reading:I can't care about this character. I can't care about him as much as I want to because he's going to die
  • the author:
  • me reading:I can tell you're writing him like he's going to die, author
  • the author:
  • me reading:I'm not falling for this.
  • the author:
  • ...
is it just me or..
does the guy in the red look like the guy harry is all cuddly and gay with? but .. LOOK
on a scale of pj liguori to chris kendall how out of the closet are you
Do you ever ship something a lot but only in a really really specific way, kind of to the point where you don’t trust anyone else to ship it right until they’ve proven themself worthy and until that point you sort of curl around your ship and hiss like an angry cat at anyone who comes ne...