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im laughing so hard
im laughing so hard
im laughing so hard
There’s an article in the Sunday Times that talks about 1D and how they’re role models for homosexuals.¬† “Cuddling schoolboys kiss homophobia goodbye”
bad one direction fan art: best of disclaimer: i cant draw for shit so i cant judge but these drawings genuinely scare me just let loose n enjoy (also read the captions it provides a better reader experience) let me show you the one that started it all for me and it all goes downhill from here ...
my drunken father came home, pointed at my socks and said ‘what the fuck are those’
Are you sure Are you positive 
rnerrychristmas im laughing so hard at morgan's facebook
cool engagement idea: during sex ask ur significant other to put their finger in ur butt and when they pull it out there’s an engagement ring on it