• In British, we dont say “I love you” we say “crumpet crumpet the queen tea scoodil... 1k tapdancers •

In British, we dont say “I love you” we say “crumpet crumpet the queen tea scoodilypoop Mary poppins” which roughly translates to “I am a part of you”. Tragically beautiful.

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i wonder how many slices of pizza i’ve eaten over the course of my lifetime
it’s pretty difficult to get your life together when the only time the thought occurs to you is after 1 in the morning
  • me everywhere:ugh there are people here
christmas is so close i can almost smell the santa hats being edited into our icons
the office 1k 1k office
*climbs a small set of stairs* well that’s enough exercise for today
does anyone else get really anxious during the weekends because you’re aware of how poorly you’re spending your free time and you know that there’s something more productive you could be doing but you just can’t think of anything so you continue to be on the computer
  • someone without a tumblr:look at this
  • me:i saw that on tumblr a year ago
the office 1k 1k office
  • when people don't sit next to me in class:offended and relieved
  • when someone sits next to me:irritated yet flattered
the three p’s: pizza pasta pokemon