• AU in which I have money and the sequel where i smash capitalism thatspookyquiet •

AU in which I have money

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AU in which I have money
sexism capitalism homophobia conservative communism Nationalism antifa Communist socialist conservatism reactionary smash fascism smash the forces of reaction destroy fascism neo conservatism
my gif gif link seriously super smash bros i swear villager ssb4 Yoiks and Away Link TRIES to get hit by the tree no matter where I plant it
graffiti Street Art capitalism Killing anti-capitalist anti-capitalism anti capitalism anticapitalista capitalism is the crisis anti capitalista
Racism feminism capitalism Social Justice misogyny intersectionality women of color smash the patriarchy internalized misogyny social awareness womens movement internalized racism
1k gaming mine link the legend of zelda loz ssbb ssbm Super Smash Bros Brawl super smash bros melee super smash bros loz gifs super smash bros 64 ssb4 super smash bros 4 he just gets hotter and hotter i swear
smash bros super smash bros long post ssb4 ssb4 spoilers
doodles transparent smash bros Samus shulk i like the screenshot where link is getting eaten by a shark and robin is just like ''thats none of my business'' i will draw something serious later
sorry borderlands borderlands 2 tales from the borderlands love that quote borderlands the pre-sequel from that stupid side mission the pre-sequel and tales from the borderlands look good but that borderlands 2 looks terrible
my edits 1000 my big fat greek wedding nia vardalos cannot wait for the sequel thank you nia
Aaaah capitalism. Where everyone has to “earn their keep” and “work to survive”because that’s “the w...
Take me down to the Super Smash city where the Pits are Dark and the Kongs are Diddy