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im alive but only ironically

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im alive but only ironically
Okay I understand how important it feels to get noticed by Taylor but please be careful about how much personal information you’re posting online. She can find you without your last name, or exact seat number. I know it’s easy to get caught up in tumblr, and that it feels safe here, but you never kn...
Comics, I kind of hate you right now
I haven’t read comics in about two months now. Aside from a few general pieces here and there, I haven’t written about comics in about a year. There are some things about the comics community that are pretty ugly. And those things are getting in the way of my enjoyment of comics. What’s killing it f...
there’s a rly loud overconfident kid in my class who makes snarky remarks and jokes at everybody and he doesn’t do that to me so i was like “what’s the deal man do you hate me or something i wanna be included” and he got really quiet and whispered “i am afraid of ...
  • GD getting slapped by a doll.
  • GD kissing a doll.
  • GD with a baby tiger.
  • GD doing tennis.
  • GD eating dinner and being classy.
  • Tablo's tweet about GD's M/V.
  • Fangirl post about GD.
  • GD with two adorable kids.
  • ...
kids are fucking fragile, ok? when you have no life experience you have nothing to compare your troubles to and many things ARE, in fact, the worst thing to ever happen to you.i’m 20. and i had a rough week this week. and one of the reasons it wasn’t as rough as it could have been is because i have ...
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