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Every time people start talking about how “some people can’t go vegan” I stop listening. We are very aware some people can’t go vegan, but we’re not talking to those people when we write these posts; we’re talking to you. If you genuinely can’t go vegan but you’re doing everything else in your...
Veganism is not limiting. Meat-eaters think we only eat salads. Take away animal flesh and product...
Nonvegans who share cute pictures and videos of cows and pigs and chickens, marveling at how adorable they are…YOU LITERALLY PAY MONEY TO HAVE THOSE ANIMALS BRUTALLY SLAUGHTERED SO THAT YOU CAN EAT THEIR FLESH WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU
Believe it or not "Bacon!" is an argument. It's just a really scary one. The argument is that if I e...
There's no rational argument against veganism
If you write a list of the pros and cons to eating animals, you’ll find that pretty much the only thing you’ll have in the pros column is taste. In the cons column you’ll find a long list of ethical, environmental and health reasons to avoid animal products. But people ignore all o...
Vegan pet food needs to be made illegal. If you’re that vegan that you want to force your moral convictions on a naturally carnivorous animal that doesn’t understand, you should have a pet rabbit or no pet at all.
When I see someone eating meat:
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  • people:guys, don't support Seaworld, the animals they exploit live in awful, unhealthy conditions.
  • people:yeah fuck Seaworld
  • vegans:guys, don't support the dairy industry, the animals they exploit live in awful, unhealthy conditions, the calv—
  • people:haha shut up you don't kill a cow to make cheese omg
food facts MILK vegan veganism vegetarian vegan food i dont even know what this is like this??
LOL vegan veganism