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i am a firm believer that if highschool!amis&co. were to be a thing they would all have to meet in detention courfeyrac’s there for punching a guy on the football team for shouting slurs at enjolras in the locker room combeferre told off a teacher for mocking courfeyrac in front of their e...
art Fanart les mis Enjolras cosette courfeyrac les amis de l'abc Eponine Marius grantaire Combeferre feuilly jehan joly Bossuet Montparnasse bahorel musichetta can i be bothered tagging them all??? sigh fine
  • Valjean:Have you ever wanted to get away from something? What was it?
  • Javert:What is your latest obsession?
  • Bishop Myriel:Are you religious or do you believe in a higher power?
  • Fantine:Would you do anything for someone you loved?
  • Th√©nardier:Have you ever deliberately scammed someone or stolen something?
  • Eponine:Have you ever been the victim of unrequited love?
  • Gavroche:What was the coolest thing you did as a child?
  • Marius:Are you often joked about amongst your friends?
  • ...
Fanart digital pixel art pixels les mis les miserables people! Enjolras courfeyrac grantaire les amis Combeferre feuilly joly Bossuet bahorel Jean Prouvaire TAKES A DEEP BREATH ONLY THE FIRST TWO OF THOSE TAGS WILL SHOW UP BUT I FEEL OBLIGATED TO TAG THEM ALL ANYWAY SCREAMS REALLY LOUDLY sighs sadly you can see me slowly losing the will to go on as i progress through these surreptiously mixes up the order so as to disguise this fact
les miserables Enjolras courfeyrac grantaire Combeferre feuilly jehan joly Bossuet bahorel i'm krazy
  • Look Down:*rhythmic and dramatic grunting*
  • At The End Of The Day:everyday is a shit day
  • I Dreamed A Dream:life goals
  • Lovely Ladies:the immediate shielding song (but so catchy)
  • Who Am I:i must question who i am. i am a number.
  • The Confrontation:surprise bitch. bet you thought you saw the last of me.
  • Castle On A Cloud:dream house
  • Master Of The House:LET'S GET TURNT
  • ...
Marius and Cosette sitting in a tree.K-I-S-S-I-N-GFirst comes love,then comes A HORRIBLE BLOODY MASSACRE OF ALL MARIUS’S FRIENDS,then comes marriage,then comes Cosette with a baby carriage!¬†
les mis aaron tveit Enjolras killian donnelly courfeyrac Samantha Barks Eponine Made this shit gavroche Daniel Huttlestone grantaire george blagden Combeferre Fra Fee joly hugh skinner lesmisedits i know not all these tags show up but i figured you guys would think i was slacking if i didn't do it all now seems like a good time to publish this what with the n2n anniversary and all
lol flashmobbing at generals’ funerals is so cool only 1832 kids will understand this
My art doodle doodles Enjolras courfeyrac artfarts grantaire Combeferre feuilly jehan joly Bossuet bahorel
les mis les miserables javert Victor Hugo Enjolras cosette courfeyrac jean valjean Eponine Fantine Marius Marius Pontmercy gavroche grantaire Combeferre prouvaire feuilly jehan prouvaire joly Jean Prouvaire