• instrumentastrology •
  • Conductor:baton, attitude, black magic, let sit for 30-60 years
  • Violin:Soulless eyes, rosin, callouses, nice hair
  • Viola:Callouses, tears, repeat "It's not a violin" 1,000+ times while it forms
  • Cello:Haunting screams, blood, the souls of small children, with a pinch of callouses
  • Double Bass:Unfortunately small hands, good fashion sense, shy smiles
  • Percussion:Attractive face, sweaty palms, a curse to follow them through their life
  • Piccolo:ears of steel, utter insanity, pretty hands
  • Flute:Lush hair, independence, lack of enough practice time
  • Clarinet:Sass, despair, raw talent
  • Bass Clarinet:spooky, haunting eyes that entangle you in mystery, nachos
  • Oboe:Self hatred, more self hatred, frightening talent with sharp objects.
  • Bassoon:eternal damnation, cute face, social ineptness, mystery ingredient
  • Horn:Beautiful hair, pretty eyes, frighteningly quiet- possibly murderous intent
  • Trumpet:Big ego, Dazzling smile, Strong opinions (good and/or bad)
  • Trombone:Extreme body type in any sense, uncooperative hair, nocturnal tendencies
  • Tuba:Constant hunger, strong lungs, willpower of an ox
  • Harp:pure gold, penetrating eyes that look at your soul, a hint of danger beneath a layer of shyness

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