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Building a Religion
Religion is as old as the human ability to communicate, so if you’re creating your own world, then this is something you should definitely include. However, building your own religion isn’t easy - especially building several if you want to have a fully fleshed out, diverse world. This po...
Fighting Words
Attack Advance, assail, assault, beset, charge, drive, foray, hurtle, launch, lunge, maul, press forward, push, rush, storm, surge Break Blast, breach, carve, cleave, cleft, crack, cripple, crunch, demolish, destroy, disable, disfigure, disintegrate, divide, fragment, impair, mangle, mar, perfora...
COBG'S Guide to Surviving NaNoWriMo!
Guides, Resources, and Writing Tips Oh My! Guide to Murphy’s Law.(What can go wrong, will go wrong) 1. Back it up! Dropbox, Google Drive, Icloud.A few years ago I would have said USB or Data CD, but in this day and age I would say keep it in the cloud. All my writing files are saved on Dropb...
Basic overlooked worldbuilding questions
Whether you are writing a futuristic dystopia or a cloud city of dragons, you need to figure out how people get basic supplies. These are often the most overlooked worldbuilding questions since it’s more fun to think about how cultures honor the dead or where the mountain ranges are, but answe...
Wolf Body Language
Affection – nose-pushing; touching with forepaw; jaw-wrestling; cheek rubbing; facial licking Afraid – wolf tries to make their body smaller; ears flat on the head; tail tucked between the legs; arched back; whines or makes short, sharp barks; runs away with its tail between its legs Angry – ears er...
Xtreme Culture Questionnaire
For anyone doing some hardcore world-building. Religion What - if any - deities are there? What do they do? Is there an important manuscript? How did the world begin? What - if anything - happens after death? What - if anything - will end the world? Are there holidays? How do people worship? Where...