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tony teasing steve and he starts jokingly leaning in all slow and expects steve to grin and shove him away or ask what he’s doing but steve just goes quiet and still and suddenly neither of them are laughing anymore and tony starts internally freaking out and stops like half an inch away from steve’...
dean and cas getting drunk and acting like complete idiots together.  cas telling bad jokes (“dean, dean, what did one ocean say to the other ocean?” - “no idea.” - “nothing, it just waved”) and dean falling off of the couch because he’s laughing so hard. de...
Put 'too late' in my ask for a suicide note from my character to yours
tony stark Steve Rogers avengers because i can stevetony my fanart we'll see why am i tagging this stevetony merr holdays erryone maybe ill draw a proper stevetony thing later
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Put 'Honey, I'm home!' in my inbox and I'll write about our married/domestic life.
book stannis: It may be that we shall lose this battle. In Braavos you may hear that I am dead. It may even be true. You shall find my sellswords nonetheless. You will avenge my death, and seat my daughter on the Iron Throne. Or die in the attempt. show stannis: LOL lets burn my only child and all...
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