• Nao tenho carro, nao tenho teto e se fica cmg eh pq gosta do meu ha ha ha ha lepo lepo ?????? s2 oh dequatronoteatro •

Nao tenho carro, nao tenho teto e se fica cmg eh pq gosta do meu ha ha ha ha lepo lepo ??????

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* gifs s2 how to get away with murder HTGAWM Annalise Keating htgawmedit by arusha eve rothlow OH MY GOD THOUGH RIGHT
doctor who ** Rose Tyler s2 ten Jackie Tyler 2.12 dwedit by em dredits rtdedit
s2 2x02 brooklyn nine nine amy santiago B99 b99* b99edit b99 spoilers
s2 Jess gilmore girls rory alexis bledel rory x jess Milo Ventimiglia literati i can't get started THEY ARE PERFECT OH MY GOD
dean winchester sam winchester s2 :))) Brothers 202 spnedit yaelsgifs greencircles savingchesters hallowedbecastiel s2gifs mine: brothers deanyw g202 such a wonderful scene s2 my love
me lembra ele s2 s2 s2
the office gif Jim Halpert pam beesly ::: jim x pam Jim and Pam *1k *tv tv: other i watched casino night oh no now i want to watch all of s2 and 3 !the office
omg cutie kpop oh boy park jin young adorkable why are you so freaking cute got7 realgot7 got7 jr park jinyoung jr realgot7 s2
:) gif love Black and White made by me fuck off lovely flowers s2 <3 sweet Oh Shit 20000 roses whatever yep nope who knows tag queen? no i don't think so not already maybe now or even now OK STOP noooo don't yknow 22000 21000
* My art *pp ;AAAA; psycho pass tsunemori akane akane psychopassedit it's over 1000! art: pp PP S2 countdown TOO BAD I WON'T BE ABLE TO WATCH IT RIGHT AWAY BC I I HAVE CLASSES ALL DAY i lost so much detail on the dominator holster once i started colouring oh well ;w; akane centric
gif 1k * sherlock s2 Irene Adler asib lara pulver SherlockEdit *SH adleration wonderlandinmymind larapulveredit irene literally backflips out of the room YOUR FAVES COULD NEVER unless your fave is catwoman then yeah ok oh man I just thought of a crossover
pretty little liars emily fields gifset mine: pll plledit pll s4 favladies pll s1 pll s2 PLL s3 not liking how this one came out but oh well