• naruto itachi uchiha draws naruto uzumaki i love it so much kisame also me and my brother kept chanting sharkboy and lava girl everytime itachi and kisame were on screen and my sister told me to make a comic that why rhymewithrachel •

i can’t believe i’m rewatching naruto

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edits naruto itachi uchiha i'm not here uchiha itachi and perfect but who cares *naruto he has changed the definition of king and martyr and brother oh god i literally love him so much i'm crying again lost it when i saw him cry how can i feel this way about a fictional character BETTER THAN ALL YOUR FAVES IF U STILL HATE HIM AFTER EVERYTHING LET ME DRAG YOU ALONG WHEN I JUMP OFF A CLIFF king of my soul you will forever own my heart I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE
gifs naruto shippuden uchiha itachi uchiha sasuke Uchiha Mikoto i am depressed and empty idk what to say to them anymore T___T ugh please i need itachi as my older brother or my boyfriend /cries/ i love them so much ;_____;
mystuff naruto itachi uchiha sasuke uchiha Naruto Shippuuden shitty gif but whatever that's what happens when you want to make a gif out of 60 frames in other news: this fight breaks my heart everytime i see it just talk it out guys instead of trying to fuck each other up i mean sasuke trying to fuck itachi up itachi is half blind and fatally ill but still wins a+ person
gif naruto ughhhh itachi !Mine come back to me my gif: Naruto I made this a long time ago when I first started watching Naruto the memories I thought I'd post this now and cry oh Itachi come back to us please just do that fabulous rebirth thing and take care of your brother Sasuke needs you Itachi this gif was so hard I had to get the colouring just right and make sure Itachi didn't look too pale because after all
mine itachi uchiha Hidan Konan nagato pein over 500k deidara sasori kakuzu Kisame Hoshigake so i had akatsuki feels last night and they were killing me and i'm surprised i hadn't made one already for my precious bbs honestly the akatsuki were the best characters idc if they were the villans i love them with literally every fiber of my being i hate you all for making me love you and then dying on me ugh yeah i forgot tobi and zetsu i know i know and i used a scene when nagato was younger because i wanted to include him because he's my king but i knew if i used any scene of him in that contraption i'd be a wreck plus this is such a bad ass moment your faves dont even compare akatsuki or die
naruto naruto shippuden sasuke itachi uchiha itachi uchiha sasuke naruto edit naruto 627
myedit rin Minato naruto naruto shippuden itachi kushina uchiha itachi Jiraiya Hidan kisame sarutobi asuma namikaze minato uzumaki kushina yahiko Konan nagato neji deidara sasori hoshigaki kisame Hyuga Neji akasuna no sasori Sarutobi Hiruzen Uzumaki Nagato Uchiha Shisui nohara rin sandaime hokage shisui too many people have died in naruto
my shit naruto naruto shippuden itachi uchiha akatsuki Hidan kisame tobi Konan pein Obito Uchiha deidara sasori kakuzu zetsu FUU sasukeh i need more practice crying lol Me and my shitty edits LOL. Idk. Idk. Idk. Omg I hope this doesn't suck :(
my gifs mine naruto itachi uchiha uchiha itachi Naruto Shippuuden kisame hoshigaki hoshigaki kisame mine:naruto
mine naruto oh well itachi uchiha itachi Uzumaki Naruto namikaze minato uzumaki kushina sorry! minamigif this is crappy and the others omg i loved this episode ;a;!!! i am not good at text on gifs.. sfkskd MY OTP
my shit naruto naruto shippuden itachi uchiha oh well itachi akatsuki Hidan kisame Konan pein deidara sasori kakuzu zetsu /SCREAMS sasukeh SORRY TOBI YOU AREN'T IN THIS ONE SINCE YOU'RE LEADER AND ALL YOU GOT YOUR PART IN THE OTHER ONE SO HURR I think I messed this one up somehow.
my edits n naruto sasuke itachi uchiha uchiha itachi uchiha sasuke 627 MyEdit: Naruto