• You know, two characters disliking each other doesn’t mean underlying sexual tension. Sometime... nerd4music talks see: almost every femship for rachel berry pezberry are not hot for each other quinn can't stand rachel and has said just that on several occasions rachel doesn't respect mercedes enough to consider her a LI and she really put Tina's ass 'in her place' with that swap ep nerd4music •

You know, two characters disliking each other doesn’t mean underlying sexual tension. Sometimes bitches can’t stand each other, and there’s damn good reasons for it. Constantly reducing a character’s valid reasons for hating someone to “sexual chemistry” or hidden feelings to justify your ship is side-eye worthy, and questionable at best. Cut that shit out. 

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gif glee rachel berry Quinn Fabray ::: rachel and quinn *tv can i get you a side of feels to go with that !rachel and quinn !glee !rachel berry !quinn fabray 'i finally made it. i made a clean getaway. and i miss you. i miss you every single day.' she bought those passes with every intention of using them. she really did. but then… then she got to new haven and it was a chance a chance to be free from that uncomfortable tightening in her chest she's trying to be happy and maybe she told herself that having rachel in her life as a friend was better than nothing at all but it doesn't seem so true anymore. she's got to let go. and she does. she moves on. those biweekly emails from rachel stop causing her heart to race when she sees them pop up in her inbox and now it's less about avoiding her but more well she's got a new life thank you very much and she can mostly ignore the guilt now without even trying college is exciting and demanding with new people and new experiences to try it's easy to lose herself in that while calling it trying to find herself sometimes letting go of the past is part of growing up right? she's feeling better now more confident so it doesn't seem like the worst idea in the world when she gets that call from kurt she can handle it now and be that friend to rachel that she never really could before and she does and it's good to see rachel happy and thriving in the city because that's what she wanted but then this damn wedding happens and maybe it's just the day and the old flames coming together and the reminders of what life was and before she managed to brush off any old tingles but now she realizes all that moving on she did? maybe the best lie she ever told because she bought it herself because at least in that moment she's still the girl with the foolish heart. missing someone she's never really had
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