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  • girl:hi
  • Jason dilaurentis:I’m going to need your ID card, passport, visa, and social security number. Dental records, a strand of hair and a saliva sample would be very useful. I also need a shot of your retina and perhaps a nail or two as well *produces a long piece of paper* I would also prefer if you write down your full name here, your birth date, your parent’s full names, birthdates, address and contact details. If you could also give me the name of a few other relatives - grandmas, grandpas, uncles, anyone really - it would be great. Finally *points to the bottom of the paper* please sign here, here and here to state that you are in no way shape or form connected to the dilaurentis family tree.

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OKOKOKOK LISTEN UP EVERYONE THIS IS HUGE! This is the painting in the funeral home that made Alison upset. It’s called “Isle of the Dead” and it’s by Swiss artist Arnold Bocklin. I have no idea what the significance of this painting is… I mean, how did Alison recognize...
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ALL OF ARIA’S LOVE INTERESTS HAVE GONE MISSING -Noel… GONE -Jason… GONE -Holden… GONE -Wesley… GONE -Jake… you’re next buddy. ** Clearly a jealous Ezra has been doing some exterminating
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