• NEW SHSPESH PROMO PIC i'm sorry if u ever want to feel like dying you should know this an actual spongebob episode called spongelock holmes and dr. patson holmeosexual •


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my edits the vampire diaries delena i think ok i would have added two more parallels but this post is already too fucking huge so i'll leave them out this episode is like a treasure i swear to god i feel a little weird posting this cause other people already made gifsets with all of these one by one so if i offend you somehow with this i'm really sorry and you can yell at me i won't hold it against you
* Damon x Elena just playing with this new found possibility of damon dying by the end of s4 if you don't like the idea (i know some of you don't) then sorry just scroll past this wow this kind of sucks really bad i'm sorry
plot twist: korra learns airbending?
alex gets angry at things ff half of this probably doesn't even make sense gender shit bigendered sebthemagicdragon
sorry soul eater this scene was sad the first time i saw this but after a really terrible semester and an even worse summer it really hit home seeing it now because it's strange to think about it from this perspective but when you hate yourself and you hurt yourself and you wake up every day thinking you don't deserve to you are hurting yourself and sometimes it's the worst kind of hurt because YOU know all your weak spots and you are hurting someone's friend and i think that's important to remember would you go up to someone and call them weak and ugly and worthless and all the names you call yourself when you feel down? like would you do that to your friend??? that's how i started thinking about it i wouldn't want to hurt and hate someone the way i despised myself and that's what i remind myself when i wake up and wish i hadn't i think it's important for people to remember that they deserve the same respect and courtesy and affection they afford to their friends ... ... and loved ones you know?? wow i feel really cheesy and sappy saying all this but at least it's in the tags!!!
my gifs mine Grey's Anatomy Meredith Grey greys anatomy requested by anon ellen pompeo greysgif anon I don't know if you'll see this but you didn't let me know what you wanted me to gif so I just put together a bunch of quotes I like and relate to I'm sorry if this is not what you wanted...
idk how to watch a television show and not get emotionally invested.
my stuff title =') tonari no kaibutsu kun Natsume Asako it's the little things Ooshima Chizuru oshima chizuru If you don't think the best thing about TnK are the ladies you're wrong I will also accept friendships especially the lady ones The anime (esp. the last episode) has given me Ooshima/Everyone feels like whoa Look at these 2 perfect ladies. Both in love with people they can't have. Both in the process of opening themselves up to new friendships. Natsume even straight-out tells her she understands Ooshima They're gorgeous human beings. GORGEOUS I TELL YOU!!! I sort of took a page from Dasha's book except... idk if this is like an official thing I'll be doing?? idk I just wanted to give it a ti...
love help help me emergency anonhelp anonfuckers canadas wonderland canada wonderland ferry girl
mine otp bleach IchiRuki rukia kuchiki ichigo kurosaki i'm so upset so if u haven't watched bleach episode 342 don't even say that u know the true meaning of pain wow this episode did way too much damage to my emotions ichigo x rukia otp: i'll support you casually reposts because i accidently deleted it before
tavros wears an itsy bitsy teenie weenie light blue page of breath bikini