• NEW SHSPESH PROMO PIC i'm sorry if u ever want to feel like dying you should know this an actual spongebob episode called spongelock holmes and dr. patson holmeosexual •


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This is just a friendly reminder that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle actually said, ‘You may marry him, murder him, or do anything you like to him.’ with regards to Sherlock Holmes. So whatever we do with him in art and fanfic has, in fact, been done with the blessing of his original creator.
MY EDIT the walking dead Rick Grimes Glenn Rhee twdedit gore cw zombies cw feel free to delete this dumb caption I'M JUST STEVEN'S FACES ARE EVERYTHING JFC (that growling face is me on tuesdays btw) i just want to gif THE WHOLE 'GUTS' jesus christ nostalgia kills YOU KNOW WHAT'S ABSOLUTELY THE BEST ABOUT EARLY SEASONS GLENN?? HE'S THIS EPIC BADASS HERO IN DISGUISE his heroism his courage his weapon and his getting shit done in the end IS IN HIS SMARTNESS what merle said (and so many others I'M MAKING A GIFSET ON THE MATTER when life stops being hectic EVERYONE GUSHES OVER GLENN AND THEY SHOULD BYE): he's sneaky smart little thing he does not scare easily AND IT'S THIS CLEVERNESS IN COURAGE AND STRATEGY IN HEROISM THAT WILL MAKE HIM WIN IN THE END we don't get to see him that much with guns with knives at first BUT WE GET TO SEE HIM PLANNING AND OUTSMARTING EVERYONE we get to see him quick thinking and responding not in acts of violence but intelligence first and foremost :-D lso all i want is to steven to be in stuff with simon pegg and nick frost *BATMAN'S VOICE* WHERE IS IT
my edits my gifs dw spoilers dwedit clara oswald Danny Pink claraedit Into the Dalek idk if they have a ship tag but they're cute he's cute lol again not a fan of the 'must bring in a love interest since 11 is gone' but i did like him so far and I like how he's sort of going against the gender roles atm you know he's called a 'ladies man' but he's super awkward idk if i'm gonna gif anything else from this episode i'll maybe take suggestions but nothing with 12 being an ass to clara ok
* tegan and sara iratustegan okay shutting up now hehehehehe i bet you were expecting another gifset because it's all i can do for you lol sorry for beign talentless anyway WEEE ITS UR BDAY *sprinkles confetti all over u* *sings happy bday song v loud so everyone hears* *hugs u really tight and kind of like jumps around u being v happy* *grabs bday cake and smashes ur face against it like sara did to tegan* *runs bc if i ever do that im a dead woman* anyway uh i guess i've said it all???? happy bday ilu like A LOT V MUCH U DON'T EVEN UDNERTSTAND?? enjoy ur day EH u deserve it!!!! also all these gifs r us i hope ppl get the message the last one pFFF not even gonna comment the accuracy is absurd i tried not to use the same moments but five days left is a classic??? and like idk i hope you like this piece of shit bc it was made w/ lots of luv eh (should i start a tag: bricks' bday) (and tag all the gifsets i'll ever make for ur bday so u'll know where to find them to reblog them every november 13th) (bc i know ur a lil shit like that) (anyway sorry happy bday ilu bye) ((i know you're not online rn but it's midnight so i'm posting this and u can check it out when u show up weee))
you're welcome Markiplier Lordminion777 GOOD LORD IT TOOK FOREVER TO FIND ALL THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS tbh it makes more sense if you've seen the episode and know the faces that Spongebob makes oh yeah. more Spongebob references? you wanted that right? this is what you want? I STILL HAVE MORE MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ok I'll just go take a nap now
thank you absolutely fresh off the boat i feel like la noche and el chamuco would do this *in angry spanish* HELLO MY LOVE YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL TODAY DO YOU WANT TO MAKE LOVE AFTER THIS? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GOD DAMN WOMAN I LOVE YOU TOO YOU HOT SACK OF SEXY chamoche sorry if u dont know what i tagged
I love how Batman is characterized as the “Dark Knight” who “works alone” when he literally has the most sidekicks of any hero. 
my gif my shit Misha Collins the cutest spnedit misha gif my gif: misha mishaedit actual angel face gpad spncastedit there are a lot of people on tumblr who have jobs I would not expect so like if you know how to enhance audio I'm so serious right now please message me so I can send you this video and see if you can figure out what the fuck she's saying to him because I NEED!!! TO!!! KNOW!!! also please feel free to delete the caption and mark move out of the way good lord look at him he's way cuter
lost Black and White sad suicidal pain hurt alone broken hopeless cry i can't do this anymore worthless i'm sorry i want to DIE I'm Not Okay I'm a loser i can't handle this anymore I WANT TO CRY helpless i'm a mess i'm a bad person you don't understand i'm a terrible person I'm Lost i want to disappear I'm falling apart i don't want to be here anymore I can't tell anyone you have no idea what I feel inside I don't know what I feel