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I love out-of-context comic panels.
tony stark Steve Rogers Clint Barton bruce banner bucky barnes Loki Laufeyson pepper potts phil coulson natasha romanov Domon draws sam wilson I really love Thor I truly do BUT
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Marvel Avengers Academy: Teaser Trailer
I love itLost glove, LOLThor =)An all-new mobile game developed by TinyCo is set to take players back to school with Marvel’s Avengers.Called Marvel Avengers Academy, the game is an adventure/sim hybrid in which players unlock young versions of the Avengers, help them upgrade and develop ne...
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Marvel cinematic universe phase 2 - AOU deleted scenes
- Deleted scene no.1 - Download - 29 MB - 1920x1080- Deleted scene no.2 - Download - 39 MB - 1920x1080 (the one with pietro)
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Ant-Man joining the Avengers like
Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers Jeremy Renner cevans Avengers Age of Ultron
Captain America Steve Rogers bucky barnes peggy carter *gifset agent carter mcuedit edwin jarvis agentcarteredit i wonder if that was an intended thing? i mean most likely but honestly steve/peggy parallels are always a+++ thing
my work Steve Rogers I KNEW IT peggy carter agent carter steggy