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But wait, it gets better. Later in the interview, Minaj calls out the Times writer for asking a question that was basically a sexist put down.

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There’s a clear difference between how Azalea speaks off-stage and the way she raps. Although she communicates with an Australian acce...
Nicki features twerking girls in her Anaconda video and people call it “pornographic and inappropriate” but Taylor Swift uses bl...
America didn’t just decline to indict these police officers. We have declined, repeatedly, and on prime-time, to afford black people b...
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Beyoncé has been Beyoncé-ing for over a year now and you’re still questioning her feminist credentials because her praxis doesn’...
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No one is saying whites shouldn't rap, why do people keep implying that anyone is saying this?? Whit...
Like what are you people not getting that you keep oversimplifying it to, ‘SO WHITES CANT RAP????’