• stop!!! letting!!! famous!!! men!!! get!!! away!!! with!!! abuse!!! against!!! women!!! * nina says stop making excuses for your fucked up fav sebastianstanz •

stop!!! letting!!! famous!!! men!!! get!!! away!!! with!!! abuse!!! against!!! women!!!

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mine[3] *spn spnedit blood tw holy shit 1k mishackles NA H Violence cw spndeanwinchester thechesapeakeripper 1: i'm sorry for coldplay lyrics 2: this has to stop ppl have to stop using dean as a punching ball to find themselves in time of need ~*their love for dean*~ nah that is fucked up dean is fucked up *punching bag? w/e
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan boys mine 1dec ok this is supposed to be ~funniest moment~ but i changed it to interview so many notable things about this first~~ when zayn says chocolate covered peanuts..that's srsly one of my fav zayn moments ever lol idk why but it cracks me up every time and his face after he says borat mankini KILLZ ME when liam goes YOU DON'T EVEN WANNA KNOW after the selen question omg harry's offended face after liam makes fun of his nipple zayn screaming even tho ppl give him that ~quiet mysterious~ label look at him he's loud and obnoxious and i love him for it also before the ~dance as bad as you can~ they say do your fav dance move and they do their typical routine and the next one is dance as bad as you can and harry continues with that dance LOL pls and them singing more than this is s00 good and they are actually coordinated esp when harry says YEAH and they all pull in together OH MY GOD i'm gonna stop i just have so many feels i've watched this interview so many times the box interviews are always a+ OMG ALSO when they are kissing the camera and liam is literally lifting them up when zayn says CAN I HAVE A LIFT UP it's so cute ok i'm done 4real now
** nina dobrev flawless queen how are you a person that exist lbr i should give up on making gifs for good
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transparent oyasumi punpun Asano Inio punpun
homestuck excuses excuses Dirk Strider piss upd8 SIGHS HEAVILY k w/e my excuse is this is a warmup and i dont have to be interesting whilst warming up
Making up making up.
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me love Demi Lovato fucked up fucked....
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