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no no no no no no no

no i can’t kevin wasn’t supposed to die kevin was supposed to grow up and become the new generation of the men of letters and he’d build up the bunker and the society again and sometimes he and sam and dean would go out to celebrate old times and they’d laugh about what a dorky kid he was but they;d be so fucking proud of him now kevin was going to go so much fuck

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dean’s explanation of the week, future edition: "you tripped on the stairs and hit your head and dropped your gun which shot the witch and then i stabbed the demon and ran across the room to drop a bucket of iron filings onto the ghost and an earthquake made the werewolf fall into lava no big ...
"it’s dean winchester or us" like have these angels even watched this fucking show
"he’s the commander’s friend and i know we’re supposed to like him" OH JESUS WAS THERE A BRIEFING ABOUT THIS???!????
he can’t stay. he is a beacon of adorableness. people will come for miles to see this fucking cutie patootie dean
if kevin tran doesn’t jailbreak heaven from the inside and ride back down to earth in a golden chariot studded with fucking heavenly diamonds then i am going to shit on a lot of fucking desks you feel me spn
so basically this episode ends with castiel standing on a bridge in the rain staring after dean with pain and longing in his eyes and his wet hair starting to stick down his forehead and i am somehow supposed to think they are not in love
what a perfect contrast between metatron and castiel. metatron goes among the people to make his own legend, to act like a benevolent god when he’s really a power-hungry fuckweasel. castiel went among these people because he was one of them: a lost and suffering soul, hungry and tired and seek...
the great winchester tradition of just putting dead bodies on a bed and leaving them there
episode sixteen and a half: sam and dean go back to the bunker, only to find strange cars parked out front. they go in cautiously guns drawn and find a banner in enochian strung over the hallway. “abaddon’s been here, too. she’s taunting us,” dean hisses. he rips the banner d...
well first of all, no