• NO SERIOUSLY she said this my grandma rules lule-bell •
My only regret is that I didn’t tell enough people to fuck off.

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My only regret is that I didn’t tell enough people to fuck off.
grandma pls
spike my gifset Buffy the vampire Slayer James Marsters gifset:btvs that's it i don't have to make anything else ever again spike my love his bitchface in gif 7 was TWICE as long but it wouldn't fit haha that's what she said no seriously shut up ok shutting up.
LOL funny humor comics webcomic dentist funny images cavities sliceoflife thepigeongazette some say she is still noping to this very day in reality my arms are feeble and flightless stupid cavities
homestuck grandma jade doodle upd8
mygifs best friends amazingphil danisnotonfire phil lester dan howell face: dan PSYCHIC PHIL this is quite amazing no pun intended face: phil
mine x rocks agate geode im in love my bfs grandma got it for me bcus she felt bad we didnt get to go on vacation and she knew i loved them and this is like my fav color!!
egberts rneerkat cumfort coluring officialwhitegirls please reblog this ty
Afghanistan mash'allah
May I Feel Said He
Tom Hiddleston  The Love Book
This EROTIC poetry is gonna be the end of me!!!!! GOD DAMN HIDDLESTON UR VOICE I...
i know this girl who replies ‘wah’ a lot to messages and like……….i really dont understand what ‘wah’ means