• Nomes perfeitos para seus trabalhos: post by me desilusium •

Nomes perfeitos para seus trabalhos:

P. Lúcia - Fabricante de Bichinhos

Pinto Souto - Fabricante de Cuecas

Marcos Dias - Fabricante de Calendários 

Décio Machado - Guarda Florestal 

Oscar Romeu - Dono de Concessionária

Hélvio Lino - Professor de Música

Alberta Alceu Pinto - Prostituta

H. Romeu Pinto - Gatoro de Programa

Eudes Penteado - Cabeleireiro 

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Me flirting: come smoke with me
"Why are you so upset? It’s just a video ga-"
You want to be thin and you want to be pretty, but then there’s pizza
nick told me to post it add me on snapchat!!
no me gusta que me comparen.
can I just skip to the part in my life where I’m covered in tattoos, working my dream job, traveling, and married to the girl I love
me my post
sarah unfollowed mikey on twitter & deleted all their pictures together on instagram ???
post siempre me pasa
[any huge middle earth conflict] Gandalf: ima get a baggins 
If fandom considers a female character a bitch there is a 99% probability that I am in love with said character
so i was lookin at a bunch of kawaii pixels like 5 seconds ago and i found this a kawaii tampon kawaii tam pon