• North Korea has declared war on South Korea. north korea south korea redghostfox •

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please keep south korea in your prayers too
the south korean government is tear-gassing peaceful protesters and beating them down with force, this isn’t the first time this happened nor will it be the last if this keeps going on like thisthe government’s been trying to rewrite korean history textbooks to praise its past dictatorial regimes an...
The South Korean govt. is trying to gather and control private information of the citizens, much lik...
the 새누리당 (a political party in south korea) passed the law so currently the politicians from the 더불어민주당 (another political party in south korea) are doing a filibuster to stop the law from being passed, so please go watch the live stream or at least have it play in the background if you can.
Everything about Korean politics and the current state of government is absolutely disgusting. Recently Americans have been getting so on board with the K-wave – now all people talk about is how much they adore Korean food/music/fashion and pretty much all my friends think Koreans are just the cutes...
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