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Not What He Seems

Hey everyone!  If you don’t know, there’s a new episode of Gravity Falls airing tonight and man oh man is it a doozy!  I’m going to take off my writer/employee hat for a minute and just be a fan.  I really love Gravity Falls as a show- partly because of the amazing characters and their heartfelt relationships- and partly because we have a strong sense of continuity episode to episode, and set up a lot of ongoing mysteries.  Well, tonight we solve SOME of those mysteries in what I hope is going to be a surprising, satisfying way.  I’m excited to watch the world react to all the hard work we’ve put in, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.  For long time fans of the show, tonight is a big deal!  Just as an episode of TV alone, its pretty solid. 

But what if you’re reading this and have NEVER seen an episode of Gravity Falls?!  How can you be expected to participate in this earth-shattering television event without being completely lost?!  How will the continuity make sense??

Not What He Seems is our 31st episode, which means if you were to watch the entire series in an effort to catch up, it would take you 11 hours. And thats back to back to back without stopping to eat or use the bathroom. (Be strong bladder, we’re not moving till sunset.)  BUT… in an effort to help as many people enjoy this as possible (including my family who as far as I know have never seen an episode), I’ve put together a list of the TEN ESSENTIAL episodes of Gravity Falls you must see to get whats going on in tonight’s special.  These will only take you three hours, and only cost you $20 if you buy them SD on iTunes. SO worth it!  So check them out, and then tune in at 8:30 tonight to watch!!

1. Tourist Trapped- The pilot that set the wheels of change in motion.

2. The Hand that Rocks the Mabel- introduction of series long antagonist Gideon Gleeful, and a deepening of the overall mystery.

3. The Inconveniencing- Introduction of everyones favorite badass Wendy, and her teen friends. Also strong contender for best episode of the series.

4. Dreamscaperers- Introduction of an even more menacing villain, and the set up to the thrilling season one finale!

5. Gideon Rises- All of Gideon’s scheming comes to a thrilling climax, and the Pines family almost loses everything.  Also, a huge secret about Stan is revealed.

6. Scaryoke- The season two premier, and a the introduction a pair of characters who are going to take a keen interest in the Pines.

7. Into the Bunker- We dig deeper into the mystery of the author, and things come to a head for Dipper and Wendy.

8. Sock Opera- Everyone’s favorite villain returns for what might be one of the funniest episodes of the series.

9. Society of the Blind Eye- A secret cabal working in the shadows of Gravity Falls is exposed!!

10. Northwest Manor Mystery-  A great episode that tees off tonights finale.

Anyway, that’s that! Check those out if you have the time.  For bonus viewing pleasure, be sure to watch Double Dipper, The Time Traveller’s Pig, and The Land Before Swine- all of which are delightful and rank among my favorite episodes, but I couldn’t justify putting on this list.  Enjoy!

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Gravity Falls animations
I did some stuff for the Disney show Gravity Falls. It was awesome fun to work on and I got to go nuts with ridiculous animation and videogame references. It’s a pretty sweet show so check it out.
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