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To be prepared is half the victory

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10 Things Students Wish For
A photographic memoryAbility to go without sleepOr the ability to sleep whilst looking attentiveMcDonalds at 3AM during an all nigherPlease write my reference/ bibliography/ paragraph/ essayMore coffee Birthday present: restock my pantry and fridgeMiracle inheritance or lottery win to pay off univer...
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AdditionTo begin with, In the first place, Firstly, The first reasonAdditionallyFurthermore, Another reason whySecondly, Thirdly, Next, Pursuing this further, AlsoLastly, FinallyIn the same way,ComparisonSimilarly,In the same way,Likewise,As with,Equally,ContrastingHowever,Nevertheless,On the other ...
How I make my notes
So. This is a super-long post on my note-making process & tips!1. Before the lectureRead the lecture material before the lecture: our lecturers provide us with the syllabus plan for the semester so I have a general idea of what would be covered in the following lectures. I scan through the corre...
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10 Angry College Tips For Incoming Freshmen
(I finished my freshman year this spring with a 4.0 GPA, an off-campus research internship, and three professors contacting me suggesting that I apply for a fulbright scholarship.  These tips aren’t coming out of my ass.) 1. LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SAY THIS: YOU DO NOT NEED TO “GET INVOLVED” IN STUPID C...
Study tip:
Use 2 notebooks when taking notes: one for in class and one for copying the notes at home. The one in class, make it messy with add-ins, subtext, etc etc! Take down as much info as you can. Then, after class, take those messy, hard-to-read notes and re-copy them into your home notebook. These are th...
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