• At the dinner table, my sister asked all of us what color we thought her boyfriend’s shirt loo... notes er's texts dark white not marvel oh my god i can't not laugh every time it think about it the sister tag marvelobsessions •

At the dinner table, my sister asked all of us what color we thought her boyfriend’s shirt looked like. After we all said gray, she turned to him and said “now tell them what color you think it is” and he just quietly replied “dark white”

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mygifs spoilers Spoiler mygraphics hggraphic just saying thgedit why did i do this thgspoilers gr:careers gr:d1 gr:d2 gr:marvel gr:glimmer gr:cato gr:clove thgspoiler BABIES ;______; why did i do this oh my god it actually hurts to see them die that's not healthy is it glimmer baby omfg your death looks particularly awful ;__; also if i catch any one of you going GOOD FOR YOU at marvel I WILL END YOU cato's isn't very clear but yeah dark scene also hey look at the time i never fucking learn do i
mine Aang Avatar atla Avatar: the last airbender toph avatar the last airbender oh my fucking god atla gif I TRIED SO HARD TO MAKE THIS A PHOTOSET BUT EVERY TIME I UPLOADED IT TO TUMBLR THE GIFS WOULD NOT WORK I REMADE THEM LIKE 6 TIMES BEFORE I JUST DECIDED THAT I WOULD TRY TO MAKE THIS ONE GIF It was a pain in my ass anyway... proper tagging time
edit move on mads mikkelsen i'm sorry there is no agenda behind this gifset well apart from urgent message at your general direction if you're not watching move on than i don't know what you're doing with your life should i tag this as porn? i think i should so i've been preparing stuff for my au gifset and I GOT GODDAMN DISTRACTED and can i basically gif every scene because I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED TO DO SO and i think i will and please can you come to my wedding (sad cackle which wedding) and do all those things because i would very much not mind at all and basically i'm so crossed with you i just wanted few scenes for my au and i ended up visually compromised by everything you do in this movie and i think you're goddamn sickness like ppl can't watch stuff with you just like that but they end up practically DEVOURING EVERYTHING THERE IS WITH YOU IN IT eugh just oh god mental ruinage
1k film Chris Hemsworth Thor *gif Marvel Iron Man 2 mickey rourke WHIPLASH thor 2 Thor: The Dark World chemsedit fuck that footage of loki i'm still not over it holy shit i entirely blame that fucking post for this no seriously oh my god marvel well-played you fucking jerks WELL-PLAYED
i read this interesting fact the other day that pirates wore eye patches because they frequently transitioned from bright sunlight to darkness below deck and when they went below deck the covered eye would already be adjusted to darkness so they could immediately see really well and not have to wait...
YES MORE RAINBOW DRINKER KARKAT who has the hots for dave’s blood and dave, sorry boy but life is hard when you’re so tasty.Also, these kids and their kinks gosh.
my gifs edward norton other* colonelmoran i hope you think it was worth the lateness bb! not going to tag every movie omg
~ kristen stewart But whatever you flawless human being oh man idk i like the first one tbh the rest is shit
Josh Hutcherson gif [1] jawlines what no I don't have a problem oh come on I know I'm not the only one on this just look at it he can slice bread with it jfc oh god I don't even know anymore I already have other celebs listed going to be running a jawline appreciation blog or something I genuinely am concerned about how I spend my free time
gifs the vampire diaries elena gilbert tvd nina dobrev jeremy gilbert steven r mcqueen !* so much god damn pain i don't even wanna talk about it sorry for the black and white i can't color today
Larry Stylinson ** but no oh god what am I doing i probably should be studying i'll leave it for tomorrow but no really think about it louis going to play and harry comes with their baby oh god i'm gonna start cryiing and they are waving at him and louis can't help but turn around every two seconds and smile like an idiot because he loves them so much fuck this otp