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…what. A kid from my university just posted this on facebook.

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today at work a customer’s card didn’t go through so I asked them to try again and it worked that time and I mixed up saying “there we go” and “there it goes” and I ended up saying “there we goes" and I just
When did Walmart open up a strip club
  • things depression is:various piles of rotting laundry, over the counter and prescribed pain meds/sleep pills, excuses on why you have to cancel plans, extreme irritability, joint/muscle/back pain, headaches, not showering for 2 and a half weeks, forgetting to eat/not being able to stop
  • things depression isnt:watchin netflix all day:p cause ur friends didnt call back, taking a nap, not wearing pants, being nonchalant, being sad sometimes
  • things mania is:irritability, ecstasy, paranoia, sometimes the inability to make rational decisions, impulsivity, magical thinking, sometimes god complex, staying up for 89 hours straight, wanting to get everything that doesnt need to be done, done, possible psychosis
  • things mania isnt:having a good day, doing something on a dare, being excited
  • things ocd is:constant intrusive horrific images playing in head, absolutely crucial compulsions, sore fingers, exhaustion, ridicule, extreme anxiety 24/7
  • things ocd isnt:fixing a table mat, making your Instagram feed nice
  • things psychosis is:paranoia, magical thinking, inability to differentiate between dream and reality, hallucinations (aud&vis), sometimes dangerous delusions, being a victim of shameless ablesm constantly
  • things psychosis isn't:psychopathy, being assertive, being aggressive towards someone, making an assumption, edgy, aesthetic, trippy
  • ...
  • roober:HEY IM GONNA ROB U
  • me:shit dude take the moeny
  • robber:thats not what i mean * turns me into a a guy names rob*
  • rob(me):awh thats fucked
Walmart Has No Chill ???????????????? #remake
Halloween candy candy corn
on this 4/20, let’s think about how bob marley has been reduced to a stereotype around weed and “one love” instead of the revolutionary figure he really was. he advocated for revolution and change against a racist political system in jamaica. he was also a staunch anti imperialist, and criticized wh...
New-ish story for Maple Key Comics issue 5. Maple Key is a terrific anthology run by some of the Center for Cartoon Studies alumni. Check them out at http://maplekeycomics.tumblr.com 
The kid doesn’t like the Walmart prices
LOL walmart robbed BERNIE SANDERS big business