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okcupid fedora literally all i did was go on okcupid and search fedora AND SOMEHOW WE'RE AN 82% MATCH AND I HATE MYSELF
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  • Man:I had my heart broken once by a girl who friendzoned me, so now I hate women. It's not my fault, they're just cold-hearted and stupid.
  • Mens Rights Activists:I don't see a problem with this.
  • Woman:I say I hate men because I've been physically/sexually abused, harassed on the street, made to feel inferior or have experienced domestic violence, and have had the weight of an entire social system of oppression forced on me since birth.
  • Mens Rights Activist:You're a fucking sexist! Not all men are like that! Why do you hate equality? You're a bad person! Get back in the kitchen! Fucking women.
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