• english is not my first language and all my life i thought brussel sprouts was the name of some cele... omg why this is so bad I'm not even kidding just found out brussel sprouts is not some male actor i've never been so disappointed in my life tylerslittleshit •

english is not my first language and all my life i thought brussel sprouts was the name of some celebrity

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One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Ziam help me one direction for ts i'm not kidding when i say that these two make me want to launch myself into the sun liam x zayn you think you're all cute and stuff but you're just ruining my life in a very painful way and the funny thing is that these are not even their best moments or my favourite i just picked up the first 12 videos i had on my computer and i would like to point out that i've made a (shitty) gifset so this is officially a serious and horrible situation for me i didn't want any of this i accidentally 1d my shitty stuff
my edits The Avengers Deadpool Ryan Reynolds Wade Wilson Marvel Clint Barton Hawkeye Jeremy Renner kind of sorry about that this is an AU i've been thinking about for a while but i'll probably never write and yeah this is also a way round the fact i can't exactly make gifs of Ryan Reynolds with some serious scarring so i'll make him a crazy guy with some skillz also... i'm a bad person who just wants Hawkeye/Deadpool marvel au Barton and Wilson: Agents of SHIELD
Demi Lovato i love her no matter what Okay? okay!!
game of thrones Sansa Stark i have a lot of feelings I'm surprised this scene required explanation but hey this is the got fandom so I guess it was to be expected Sansa is being physically and emotionally abused she has just spent an entire dinner listening to how her brother might die and pretending to be in love with Joffrey she's been holding back tears and she's finally in her room she looks at the mirror and can't even recognize herself and then this woman comes in and declares she's her new handmaiden and clearly she knows nothing about being a handmaiden why is this woman there did Cersei send her is she a spy will she tell Cersei she saw Sansa crying so automatically it means she has to hold back her tears again and she needs to go back to pretending of being that person that she sees in the mirror and can't recognize and she's angry and she's frustrated all she wants is her mother to be there and to give her a hug not to explain the duties of a handmaiden to a handmaiden and finally she snaps at her and in the end she says just brush my hair its equivalent to her calling out for her mother she just wants someone anyone to brush her hair so maybe she can close her eyes and imagine that she's back at Winterfell and instead of this stranger who might be a spy its her mother brushing her hair like what else is she supposed to do if she became bffs with Shae the fandom would say OMG Sansa look at you trusting everyone you're just letting Shae walk all over you
sherlock andrew scott jim moriarty moriarty james moriarty and this is precisely why i don't understand people who were 'surprised' by moriarty's suicide or thought it was OOC the final problem was STAYING ALIVE. and it was a problem not because he wanted to live but because he wanted to die. 'IT'S SO BORING ISN'T IT? IT'S JUST STAYING.' life was tedium and stasis for him. HE WANTED OUT. the final problem - the endgame he has had in mind since series one - was about him being ready to die and it wasn't just his problem - he wanted to share it with sherlock it wasn't enough simply to die - he wanted (needed) to do it knowing that sherlock understood death would have brought him no comfort without the knowledge that he hadn't been alone on this miserable planet all along. why do you think he is so fucking devastated to have 'beaten' sherlock? sherlock disappointed him and now he hasn't just lost him ('I DON'T EVEN HAVE YOU') but lost also the death he wanted for himself. (the death he wanted for THEM - this was about a certain 'togetherness' for him - it was meaningless without sherlock) and so he tells him 'NOW I HAVE TO GO BACK TO PLAYING WITH THE ORDINARY PEOPLE' not because he WANTS to (as the disgust in his tone should make clear) but because he doesn't have it in him to die the way he wanted to without having his big moment of connectivity with sherlock this is what makes him dying with sherlock's hand in his so profound it's also what makes his ending such a moving and beautiful one - he got everything he wanted the gun in one hand and sherlock's in the other as andrew scott has made clear - moriarty was a desolate lonely and unhappy character and in his final moments that utter desolation melts away as he and sherlock finally put the game aside for a few moments and share something honest devastating and intimate moriarty wanted sherlock and he wanted death and the two became inextricable for him 'winning' meant nothing - all he wanted was the feeling of sherlock's hand in his and the relief of finally knowing there was SOMEONE someone for him and someone LIKE him this is why he dies with a smile on his face and this is why his suicide was the PERFECT ending to his arc
myedits The Avengers *k why why why do we not have a decent image for this yet? it's been lifetimes since the movie and i totally had to fudge the faces in this because the original was so bad which incidentally is why it's turned - DON'T LOOK TOO CLOSE especially at bruce sorry bruce! and i'm totally imaging this as an 80s rock band!au image coming out on stage after the techs had gone a little crazy with the smoke machine
* omg this is so bad i'm not even gonna tag this I LOVE YOU ALL!!
* gifs Firefly Serenity joss whedon endless sobbing is the panel online yet? because i don't think i'm ready to have my heart torn out completely yet the online highlights were bad enough some days are better than others and then some days it just hits me that firefly really won't come back all the storylines and character developments we were deprived of will never be brought to fruition but the fact that things like the panel today are happening for a show that didn't even complete a full season........... it just makes me so happy to be a part of this fandom even if i've only joined it the past year
louis and harry are both super dumb and hack their friends’ twitters to tweet dumb shit and copious self-praise and it’s actually super cute let’s start with The Worst one frankly indistinguishable from half his usual tweets harry is amused by it and it’s cute zayn is les...
louis tomlinson Larry Stylinson larry bravery elounor hario and louigi
i'm lauhgin so hard this is not even funny i'm just hyeppr
Oh so Harry and Liam are stalking our blogs, I just thought I'd let you guys know my feels for each ...
Let’s start with Louis :D Zayn Malik ;P Harry Styles :] Niall Horan >.< Liam James Payne <3 And there you have it , Hope you liked it :) Oh and one more thing! Okay, byeeeeeeeeeeeeee