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One Direction liam payne 1D maz Marius Listhrop

liam and maz today :)

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One Direction liam payne 1D maz Marius Listhrop
One Direction liam payne andy samuels Mazzi Maz Marius Listhrop
I don't understand puberty in the UK
Can someone explain these to me please?  I’m legitimately confused! ^this turns into this…  How did…  and  become   and  this boy is this boy George Shelley then… George Shelley now… Meet the Harries Twins Oh Em Gee wut. And last but DEFINITELY not least…...
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  • fan:who's your favorite band?
  • maz:one direction
  • krisstian:nickleback
  • maz:NICKLEBACK?!
  • maz:GET OUT. GET OUT.
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Let's take a look at this
These are Liams best friends: This is Liams girlfriend: This is Liam: *gifs not mine
why did god make men from the united kingdom so attractive i just don’t know