• i needed it all in one place sorry feel free to read if you’re interested in death this is l... One Direction masterpost etc. Not at all lol sorry but i'm not one direction with their kin puppy direction angel direction wow this is the zayn show triharrytops •

i needed it all in one place sorry

feel free to read if you’re interested in death

this is like a shot of straight agony and delight at once

first we have puppy payne with his true fam

look at these nuggets they’re totally communicating


honestly this is the most active those pups were the entire shoot

just LOOK

they just wanna be close to him

actual twins 

ok then also the fact that zayn turned into a wonder struck six year old

i’m pain

his lil SMILE

do you think this convinced him to get the puppy with perrie

look this dog is running his life

honestly which one is more proud of being in contact with the other


literally the zayn show

niall’s puppy even has the same fantasies niall does (that’s the next photoshoot)


i don’t know whether to look at that thumb or his thighs

harry “i’m so calm and sweet and lovely that i sedate puppies with my touch” styles

if this doesn’t make you want niall as a dad asleep on the couch with his little kiddo against his chest and his hands protecting her against his sweater-clad body i just


the way liam is holding his though like a lil sphynx

hahahahaha no

the dog is like ‘shit man where do i even go from here i’m so young but i’ve already been caressed by harry styles it’s all downhill from here’

yeah puppy

i feel u

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